"I don't think she understands the sacrifices that I made. Maybe if this bitch had acted right I would've stayed. But I've already wasted over half of my life I would've laid down and died for you. I no longer cry for you. No more pain, bitch. You took me for granted, took my heart and rain it, straight into the planet. Into the dirt I can't no longer stand it. Now my respect I demand it. Imma take control of this relationship. Command it, and imma be the boss of you now goddamnit. And what I mean is that I will no longer let you control me. So you better hear me out this much you owe me. I gave up my life for you, totally devoted to you while I've stayed faithful all the way this is how I fucking get repaid. Look at how I dress fucking baggy sweats, go to work a mess. Always in a rush to get back to you I ain't heard you yet. Not even once say you appreciate me I deserve respect. I've done my best to give you nothing less than perfectness. And I know that if I end this I'll no longer have nothing left. But you keep treating me like a staircase it's time to fucking step. And I wont be coming back so don't hold your fucking breath. You know what you've done no need to go in depth. I told you, you'd be sorry if I fucking left. I'd laugh while you wept. Hows it feel now, yeah, funny ain't it, you neglected me. Did me a favor although my spirit free you've set. But a special place for you in my heart I have kept It's unfortunate but it's. Too late for the other sideCaught in a chase."